Thursday, April 28, 2011

X = X Games

Growing up I loved riding my bike. I remember my uncle holding the back of the seat while I peddled my little heart out around the driveway. He taught me to ride a bike, however, he did not teach me how to stop. So I would just stop peddling, and once it got to a safe speed, I would swing my leg around and jump off being prepared to run next to the bike until it stopped. This is one of the many reasons why I do not compete in the X Games.  I don’t think they give out metals for jumping off the bike and running next to it until it stops.

As I got older, my best friend and I would go for bike rides around the neighborhood. One day we decided we wanted to do something dangerous so we settled on riding our bikes to the library. After much planning and calculations of the route, my best friend’s Mom told us we weren’t allowed to cross one of the busier streets. We could have been rebels and just went for it, but I was too afraid of getting in trouble. Another reason I don’t compete in the X Games, I’m too afraid of what might happen.

A few years later when skateboards became popular, of course, I had to get one. My idea of skateboarding was to have my best friend push me up and down the street while I stood on the board. I know for a fact I wouldn’t win a metal for that in the X Games. And that yet another reason I’m not competing.

The talents it takes to compete in these games I just don’t have. I will never be the next Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, Mat Hoffman or Shaun White just to name a few. I’m okay with that. I say, let the professionals do what they do best and the rest of us can just watch in awe.


  1. Cute post! I especially loved standing on the skateboard and having your friend push it, that sounds about like my speed. I could never do anything close to what these X athletes do. I'm like you and happy to just watch. :)

  2. Good work, clever way to write about the x-games. Yeah, I could never do that sort of thing either.