Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J = Junk Food

I’m addicted to junk food and I desperately want to kick this habit. If I could manage to be free of junk food long enough to feel some of the benefits, I might be able to resist it. But the eight hours (of which I’m sleeping) that I abstain doesn’t give me the results I need to break away.

It is especially challenge when you reside in a household with junk food. Right now there is a bag of the most delicious double chocolate cookies sitting on the kitchen counter. In some households those cookies might not last the night. In mine, they will sit there for days haunting me until I can’t take it anymore. Thankfully, I can stop after one, but the next day comes around and the whole struggle of not wanting to eat it, but can’t resist it, happens all over again.

Now the solution isn’t to tell my family, please don’t buy any of the devilish good snacks I have a hard time saying no to. That would be wrong because my quest to give up junk food is not their quest. They should be able to eat what they want and I should be able to believe in my choice enough to withstand eating it.

Lately it has been much harder than normal to stay away from junk food. This might be an indication that I’m trying to do too much at once and my body is starting to panic. And in it’s panic, it’s breaking out some fierce cravings.

So maybe instead of trying to go vegan and give up junk food, I should compromise. Instead of eating all the store bought junk food that has a bunch of ingredients I can’t identify, I could make my own. And maybe I could even swap out some of the ingredients for ones that align with my want-to-be-vegan decision.


  1. Good luck staying away from the junk food. It's my weakness as well. Making your own sounds like a great plan. Good luck!

  2. I turn to junk food whenever I am stressed. Not a good thing, since I tend to get get anxious on a regular basis. Yesterday I went on a walk in the sun. It felt wonderful. Then I had a big bowl of frozen custard with hot fudge, peanuts, and whipped cream. Hmmm, talk about self-destructive habits.

  3. Junk food is definitely my weakness too. Making your own sounds like a great alternative. You might even be able to get your family on board with you. Just don't tell them you put pureed squash in the brownies. They will never trust you again no matter how delicious the brownies were. It won't matter that they ate the whole tray in a few seconds. I learned that lesson the hard way.


  4. Amy, It is so hard to resist all of those temptations. As a chocoholic, I can't get through the day without a treat or two. Keep up the good work! Julie

  5. I love chips. We often make our own. Does that get them out of the junk food category? Beet chips, potato chips, sweet potato chips - all baked.