Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P = Prevention

Prevention is one of my favorite magazines. It always has great articles ranging from tips for losing weight to getting more energy. Each magazine covers five departments: health, nutrition, beauty, fitness and recipes.

I can always count on finding great information in the News and Trends sections. Like in the December 2010 issue in the Health Hearsay box, someone asked the question: "Isn't food poisoning usually caused by the last thing you ate?" The answer: "Not necessarily. Many of the 76 million annual episodes start 2 to 6 hours after eating spoiled food, but it can take days - or even weeks - for symptoms to strike."

They also provide a variety of feature articles. I'm still benefiting from a great article back in the November 2010 issue called Flower Power: Botanical beauties that put the bloom back into aging skin. Another terrific one was from the October 2010 issue called Hidden Diet Disasters: From veggie chips to yogurt, "healthy" foods that really aren't. 

If you're an animal lover like me, you'll enjoy the Pet section in each issue. I especially found the information in the October 2010 issue called Germs and Pain Explained helpful.

And Prevention isn't one of those magazines that makes it a challenge to find their table of contents. It also isn't impossible to locate a story they advertise on the cover. In the contents they provide a picture of the cover along with a page number next to each of the headlines.

Their website also has a lot of great information if your interested in checking out the magazine, I'd start there. Here is the link: http://www.prevention.com/.


  1. I'd forgotten about Prevention Magazine. Used to read it all the time. Might have to re-subscribe now. Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog.

  2. I enjoy perusing these magazines when I’m at the dentist or doctor’s office.