Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E = Exercise

Exercise: a love story.

Exercise is not my friend, at least not anymore. If it’s anything, I would say it’s my nemesis. It’s not that’s it hard, because really it’s not, but for me it’s so exhausting. Just thinking about it right now literally makes me tired. But like most things in life it’s something you have to do.

Many of us were first introduced to exercise at a very early age, grade school to be exact. Just like a good love story, at first it’s new and exciting. You get to run around and burn off all the energy you have. It’s fun.

I remember this big parachute we use to play with by running under it in grade school. Just like any new relationship, you don’t have to work at it. Yet. Then came middle school. There was still some fun involved, but as you start to grow your body starts to go through some changes. In this love story the same thing happened. 

Next comes high school. Anyone that went or is going knows peers can be cruel. So there you are, in gym class, dreading that awful game called dodge ball. This is the worst form of exercise I can think of. Who, in their right mind, thought it would be a good idea to hurl a ball at someone purposely trying to hit them. You are running for your life as the gym teacher just sits back and watches. This is the point where exercise became my nemesis and this love story ends.

Nowadays, I try to get my exercise by walking my dogs. My co-pilot on this A to Z Challenge, Amy, must have had a similar love story with exercise. Because she gets her exercise the same way I do. You can follow her adventures on her other blog: If Barking Burned Calories.

So whether it’s running under a parachute for fun or running for your life from a ball hurled at your head, it’s all exercise and we all need it. Just find what is best for you and create your own love story.


  1. I often feel the same way about exercise. My biggest problem is that I do a physically active job and can walk miles in one day. But it's not aerobic exercise, and when I've finshed work the last thing I want to do is to go to the gym!

    Ellie Garratt

  2. Hey Sarah ~~ just popping in from the A~Z Challenge ~ enjoy !


  3. I have to take my walks. I have a 4.5 circuit around a Lake that I do. Helps keep the body and brain fresh.

  4. Exercise. More of a hate relationship for me. I don't mind exercising as long as I'm miles away from a gym. Activities that require physical and aerobic exertion land at the top of my list, like hiking and walking. As a writer, a good walk helps me clear out the mess in my head and allow thoughts and ideas to surface. When ever I get stuck or frustrated, I take a walk. Upon returning, I can get back to writing and I've solved the problem. Good luck with the challenge!

  5. I used to enjoy the parachute as well. Although, I liked playing dodge ball a lot better than kick ball. I enjoy exercising, but it's something I have to work at making time for.

  6. This brings back horrible memories of gym class!
    So happy not to be wearing those dreaded gym suits. Nice job! Julie

  7. I don't enjoy exercise unless it's disguised as a sport of some sort--which is probably why the only form of exercise i get nowadays is from my martial arts class.

  8. Just joined Weight Watchers again for the upteenth time again today. I'm glad I found your blog via the A-Z challenge I'm hoping to find it motivational.

    Blue Velvet Vincent

  9. haha! great post, I also have a difficult relationship with my Exercise routine! Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge :) Hope to see more of you while blog-trotting :) Good Luck with the love part of the relationship!