Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Up To The Task

I had to raise the question of whether the pedometer was accurate.

The answer: probably not.

I think my pedometer is better suited to count the steps during a walk. But when it comes to counting all the steps taken in one day, it isn’t cut out to handle that kind of responsibility.

I’m not just speculating here, I have actual facts to back up my conclusion. I tested the accuracy by enlisting the help of my favorite co-worker. She has a pedometer too. So on the first day she wore both hers and mine. And at the end of the day the results were: hers at 6703 and mine at 7787. So on the second day I wore both. And at the end of the day the results were: hers at 2644 and mine at 1849.

When you compare that on the first day when my favorite coworker wore them, mine was 1084 higher... and on the second day when I wore them, hers was 795 higher... these results leave me with nothing, but a headache so the great pedometer experiment will have to be reevaluated. Perhaps I’ll take it back up in the warmer weather when I can use it strictly for walks.

What the heck did I expect for $15.00?


  1. Hi Amy:
    Funny you should write about this because I just bought a pedometer from Target about a month ago for about $20. Mine made me average the length over 10 steps and enter it in before I started using it. With my trip to the gym I am averaging about 10,000 steps a day which was the low end of what the health experts recommend. Did you or your co-worker need to do that also? That might explain the discrepancy.

  2. Good point. I checked with my favorite coworker and hers did have her average the length. Mine, cheap as it was, did not. That does help explain it a lot :)